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BANG! Hot Sauce (Small Axe Peppers + AJR) (PRE-ORDER)

BANG! Hot Sauce (Small Axe Peppers + AJR) (PRE-ORDER)


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Expected to ship by late October 2020.

BANG! Hot Sauce Sauce - a collaboration with Small Axe Peppers. Limited quantities - 5 oz bottle.
Working with Chef King, AJR has created a special sauce that borrows elements from Small Axe Peppers' Queens7 and The Bronx Hot Sauce. Like a good pepper plant, it’s the roots that allow you to grow effectively.
This collaboration grows the win win win theory; great music, great hot sauce, and each bottle sold brings money into community gardens throughout the country.
Heat that helps, music that inspires, and peppers that strengthen community—tough to beat.